Poem Six for The Hour Six

life is so precious to live for
we tend to f I n d what’s the best cure
asking for r e a L remedies from door, down, under
plunge yourself t O the pool of satisfaction
get energized, m o V e your body, drink more
scribble your thoughts, b E prolific
leave all Y o u r worries and be optimistic
focus O n the productive nature
U n d i s t u r b e d from any failure
indulge to the beauty of living a life
there’s so much happiness in little things
look at the sunshine each day brings
what a wonderful world to live in
soothing music will take you to a pilgrim
live.laugh.love everyday
for the world is ours, be happy
take this door to the hidden magical stairs
the best therapy that one can share

(c) ceri naz

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