#6 – Somehow

the unlikeliest of people
brought together somehow
final results that have yet to be seen
a band of life misfits
both low & high brow
what wisdom from each could they glean

some were quite candid
while others were shy
differences ranging south, east, north, & west
all somehow put here
to figure out why,
how, where, when they could be their best

to work as a team
or to battle it out
were the choices of all that were there
to live with indifference
or to love without doubt
to listen, to honor, to care

this cornucopia of hearts
somehow bad mixed with good
would cause turmoil, destruction, & pain
if they didn’t seek out
to do all that they could
to come together soul, body, & brain

discovering that each
had gifts they possess
that when blended could merit great things
learning to celebrate their differences
somehow encourage & not stress
realizing that with harmony community sings

all separate entities
working in sync
to make up a body of warrior hearts
journeying together
somehow bound link to link
though each unique in their own special parts

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