Late nights, early epiphanies

Late at night, lying in bed, that’s when the thoughts hit me.

Like being hit by a rocket, the thoughts light me up.

So many thoughts of how I feel, and how others act and how I react to others.

Finding reasons for others and how they treat me.

Making excuses for their actions.

Making excuses for how I react.

And then it hits me.

From out of nowhere, I begin to realize that my presence is valid.

My life has meaning and purpose.

It does not give me the right to act in any manner that negates anyone else’s life, however.

Each night, I get a little bit wiser.

Each night, I gain a little more insight into how I am treated and how I should be treated.

It cannot be a one way street anymore.

It cannot be where I get stepped on and I am not allowed to step up.

Usually, they call the wee hours of the morning, the witching hours, yet I am finding more how to respect myself.

Tell me again, how is this bad for me?

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