#17 – Evelyn (First Broken Heart)

Barricuda cruising
on the street
Radio blaring
Motown beat
Streetlights flashing
got the speed
She’s beside me
smoking weed
Dancing wiggly
on the bucket
Slow down baby
I say fuck it
Wheeling hungry
asphalt road
Sipping whiskey
taste the toad
Back seat spanky
mutual fun
Late night craving
we meet the sun
Took her home
called a creep
Kissed her softly
home to sleep
Two days later
she was dead
Took some pills
fucked her head
Took some more
stopped her breath
They never called
about her death
why’d she do it
i often asked
i loved her deeply
now it’s past
my heart was broken
not to mend
I never knew
a life to end
Was it my fault
was it hers
or, her parents
was it yours
Does it matter
life went on
Does it matter
now she’s gone

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