Self Injection

Maybe I injected you
Too far beneath the skin
I can feel your longing
And taste what should have been

Serenity can’t find me
When I still feel your touch
And still, your face beside
Still driving this heartclutch

Each time I reach the surface
Your name grabs, drags me down
Claiming every movement
Muting every sound

Machine, it holds it’s graces
Feeding what you fear
Collecting what you dreamt
Producing every tear

Soul on shattered paper
Will never meet complete
For I had come to meet you
Yet you left in defeat

The word of disappointment
In self, fell from your tongue
I was left, stand broken
When only just begun

Stars you painted blindly
Lead me to your side
And still I wandered onward
And left without reply

Note left hanging on
With unrelenting strain
Pulsing from inside
Grows weak without sustain

Sentenced me to skinpeel
As I still feel your touch
The grasp still hard around me
And bruised by intent blush

The longing that you saw
Pouring from my eye
Could have been kissed away
But never said goodbye

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