Letter To My Mother

I will be coming to see you soon Mom.  I hope you will be well.  So many uncertainties hang over our heads,  no-one can really tell. Lots of memories of old and present and new,   fly through my head about you! There is a time for all things they say.  I’m not looking forward to our future in later days.    Then for now I will concentrate, on loving you as you have me all my days. Dementia is cruel, but part of life and through and through,  you will always be you. So many feelings wrestle in my head to get out and God is in control up above. Just wanted to tell you how I feel about you with all my love.  Although I am writing this letter to you Dear Mother, as I rant and vent; Alas in the end it will not be sent.  I love you very much. See you soon!

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