A Prayer on Being Humble

Dear God,

Thanks for listening, first of all,
since next to you I feel so small,
but great at the same time,
as I seek to be in tune

with you.

Yes, you. You are pretty cool,
my Lord. And savior, yes, but
not as prescribed by the fool
in need of shedding his own debt.

Thank you.

Every day, I thank you as we speak
together on the mundane things,
and I forget that I am to be meek.
In response to what a stranger brings:

It’s true…

Thank you, Lord, for a mind
that brings me perseverance.
Thank you for the ethic to find
time to study, try, learn, and advance.

So few,

Lord, are willing to listen,
and instead pretend to love you
by not loving themselves within.
You didn’t say “to thine own self be true,”

So true!

The ethic to work and to earn
is a gift from you, Lord,
because you have helped me learn
so that I can afford

being true

to this vessel you built for my soul.
Thank you, sweet friend!
To love you more is my goal,
and love me more till the end.

8 thoughts on “A Prayer on Being Humble

    1. Thank you, Stephanie! I wrote it yesterday when I realized I should be grateful for my motivation in life… Finding empathy for those who are despondent, and hoping that God can reach them as He did me. Kind of a part 2 of the last hour’s prompt. I’ve been successful in life, and the one thing I am most grateful for is my drive to learn, grow, and create. I realized that yesterday.

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