Eany Meany – Men of Means

Every day, it seems
The news, and many memes
Feature stories of what men are
Doing wrong.
Famous men of means,
The few, act as if they’re queens
Or kings as the case
May be.
Their penis is their sword
And, without a word
They penetrate the
Woman of their dreams
It seems.
Never a woman of means.
Another one bites the dust!
Each day we simply must
Put away these awful men of meanness!
These mean men of means.
It seems they’ve lost their minds
Left empathy behind
Love, they’ll never find.
Mean men of means.

3 thoughts on “Eany Meany – Men of Means

  1. This poem has layers… Means as money & power and just plain mean. The … as swords reminds me of the me2 movement and how awkward my men friends were in retelling some of their stories. There was an innocent piece, but many had been the worst kind of casting couch slum. These were men I knew and cared for. Loved. It became easier to see how lucky I had it with no ambitions…

  2. Thanks MelNeet and cinwhit. I appreciate your thoughts.

    When men use their reproductive organs as weapons, they degrade themselves and every man on earth just one more notch. The only way up for the male of our species is to fight alongside women – loudly! Call men out in locker rooms and board meetings. Wherever and whenever possible, men need to stand up for themselves by standing up for women. #MeToo.

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