Messy Garden

Rabbit proof fence too long
For the moment.
It swirls and bends
Until further notice
And cooler days.

Guerlain powder
On baby squash leaves
Tastes awful to tiny mouths
Chewing fast on the greens.

Put baby powder on the
Costco list, plus another load of
Garden soil. Dirt. Good dirt.
Dirt on my long skirt.

Half inch galvanized
Welded wire mesh,
Bans marauding mice
Hungry for my tomatoes.

Ah, the grasshoppers! Again!
Chomping greedily on my kohlrabi
Just as they start to plump!

Turnips ready to pick
With leaves turned yellow.
They’re done and ready to pickle
With cardamom, maple, and cinnamon.

Sweet potatoes going gangbusters!
I wonder how many there may be
As I peek down below the plethora of leaves to see
What has plumped and pushed up.

Cucumbers climbing
An old wire cage.
Poison mushrooms sprout
Between flattened cardboard mulch.

Too much nitrogen
Nothing grows.
Tomatoes need phosphorous.
Must fertilize.

When will this white trash mess
Look like… a garden?
When this old woman
Becomes young again.

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