creative, eclectic, artistic,
at 2 A.M, I am still wide awake
for ideas come flooding at this wee hour at dawn
in a trance, an insomniac,
while others are still fast asleep
here I am at the threshold of my creation.

there’s something in the dark night,
with its solemn and deafening silence
creativity sets in, masterpieces brought to life,
insomniac, yes, I am One
but my mind does not just wander anywhere
for I am building my own castles in the high skies.

out of this dark night, when owls start making noises,
when wolves howl from the steep mountains
and spirits from the other dimension prowl in the deserted forests,
insomniac, at night my soul casts a spell on my writings
lost in oblivion, dancing words come to life
when the night sets in, I sing in sheer delight!

Author/Poet Elizabeth Esguerra Castillo
Copyright 2015 Philippines

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