Radar Love

Sitting alone in a bar
Miles away from anywhere
I feel nails on the back of my neck
And the murmurs of a sultry voice
Whispering in my ear
I turn, but there is no one there

I look at the clock, half past midnight
I look at my phone, no service
I survey the weather scrolling by me, it is clear
I calculate the distance from here to home

I finish my beer
I get in the car
I’m redlining it all the way back
Back to my front porch and my front steps

I’m in the house by 2 am
Back for the first time in two weeks
I walk into my bedroom
She’s lying under the covers and curled on her side

I slip in with her
She’s surprised
Then relieved
Then kisses me on the mouth
I feel her nails in my hair
I hear her whisper in my ear

“I just knew you needed me baby,” I reply

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