Hello, My Name Is

Hello, I’m Eve. I am a 5th grade teacher from Massachusetts. I love words…reading them, writing them, teaching about them.

This is my second marathon. Last year’s was a lot of fun for me. I had not written a lot of poetry in years, but set that challenge for myself and achieved it. This year, the weekend of the marathon has a lot going on, but I have once again set that goal for myself, hoping to achieve. I am at that point in my life where setting goals for myself and trying to accomplish them is important to me.

I look forward to spending an all-nighter with people from all over the world again this year. One of the highlights of last year was the 2-4 a.m. window of time when everyone was really struggling and we had the ability to communicate through the Facebook group, being silly, and feeling connected through the bond of words (and no sleep!).

The key to the marathon is to have fun! I know I will be!

See you in a couple of weeks!



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