2020 Hour #11: After Alice

2020 Hour #11:  After Alice


I went down the rabbit hole

Following the heroine’s footsteps

But I didn’t need any magic potion

To measure my insignificance.


I settled in nicely at the Hatter’s Table,

Not taking up too much space

From the more honored guests at tea that day

As that would be impolite.


But the Cheshire cat saw through my act

And threw me a sideways stare

He knew I was a fraud, and with a flick of his tail

Sent me on my way.


At the palace I faced the Queen of Hearts

The execution to be swift and clean

But please she said, explain yourself

Before you end up dead.


My Queen, I cried, I cannot lie

I am hardly a valiant Alice

I wanted only a taste of this magical place

And for that I am willing to die.

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