“Eyes up” …

In a little under four & half days time, i.e. on — Friday, 12 June 2015 at 11:00:00 PM (ACST, UTC+9:30 hours) which is 9:30:00 AM on the United States East Coast (EDT, UTC-4 hours) I will be starting the 24 hour poetry marathon (thepoetrymarathon.com)

It came about in the following fashion:

Mike Hopkins, well-known local SA sadist (& masochist — he runs marathons for real; like, non-on-the-couch ones) shared a link on Facebook with a couple of his cohorts who seem to think writing a poem a day for a month is something one does for pleasure. (NaPoWriMo)

MH: You game for this?

TK: good god, MH…we really do like to make poetry either a blood sport or an endurance event….why can’t we all just sip tea and scratch out the occasional, romantic villanelle???

MH: No discipline, that’s my problem. If I haven’t got a deadline or a challenge, I just vegetate.

grj: I’m willing to give it a crack…

MH: Bloody hell g, you’re meant to say “That’s madness”, and then I say “Yeah I s’pose you’re right, maybe next year”

grj: That’s madness. But let’s see how far we get
grj: PS (I then posted a screen cap of my application)

MH: Yeah I s’pose you’re right, maybe next year but great to see that you’re committed to it. Look forward to your 24 poems

I must confess, I have a specific project in mind which I’ve been wanting to do for a while — but never made the time for it.

I think this will make the job of cranking out 24 poems in a day considerably easier. Or a total nightmare if it doesn’t work out.

Either way, this’ll be a good way to find out if the idea has any “legs!!” …


5 thoughts on ““Eyes up” …

  1. Hi,
    Shouldn’t we be starting the Marathon on Saturday night, not Friday, as Aus is ahead of EDT?
    I might have gotten this wrong but it seems like you would be starting a day early if you started on Friday at 11pm.

  2. OMG you’re right!!! It starts Saturday in US not Friday. Rueben. You. Have. Made. My Day. (Can now get that grant application in tomorrow & sleep tomorrow night in preparation). Champion.

  3. Ha, no worries.
    I was really hoping we would be starting tonight, I’m meant to be working on Sunday. :/
    Hopefully I can find moments to disappear and pen a quick poem while at work.

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