(Hour 13) 10.30-11.30am — #65 “Old age pension”


The end of entitlement, or how to get a Newstart in life
the wisdom of Treasurer Joe Hockey on how to work the system

despite industrialisation taking jobs away &/or offshore
our beloved bumbler, believes we should now all work
til we’re 70 before becoming eligible for the age pension
free visits to a doctor, free welfare — no such thing
it’s a safety net, not a cargo net, unless you’re a whale

so here’s some steps to get ahead courtesy of Count Flappy

1. (obviously) don’t get sick, or if you must, don’t visit your GP

2. if you’re poor, don’t drive cars (that’ll save you plenty)

then all you have to do is

get a good job that pays good money
in order to buy your first home

a politician is a pretty good one (if you’re up for it)
then you can charge taxpayers $1000 a month
to sleep in your wife’s $2 million home

Here endeth the lesson.

(Except no doubt Mr Millipede
will put yet another gaffe prone foot
in his mouth again, within a week)


#32. Whoop-de-do!

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