(Hour 16) 13.30pm-14.30pm. PROMPT, form: “first line/last line”

Inspired by an artwork I saw earlier in the day (yes there may have been a Potter connection). Prompt rules: Write down the first line of your poem before reading the rest of this prompt. Write your poem, about any subject you like. Copy and paste the first line so it is also the last line. You can change one word of this line, but only one. (oops, broke this rule, watcha gonna do 😀.)

flying wolf pack

you fling wolves
from your fingertips
to protect you
from harm
even when flat
on your back
& nothing can hurt
still your fingertips
insist on flinging
sharp wolf teeth
straight into my heart
jaws full of blood
crunching tendon
muscle & love
till the day finally comes
when the wolves fling you

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