(Hour 22) 19.30pm-20.30pm. PROMPT, game: “title”

Prompt 22. Choose a title from the five offered. Write a poem. I have. & it may be the best poem of my careerEither that or I am incredibly tired. But let’s go with the former.

Möbius’ Strip

she sure wasn’t
the greatest dancer
in the world
or even the club

but she had this
amazing way
of bending minds
so you never knew

if she was taking clothes off
or putting them back on

3 thoughts on “(Hour 22) 19.30pm-20.30pm. PROMPT, game: “title”

  1. Very VERY clever! I spent a LONG time working on the mobius strip when I used it in a ski-fi play many years ago, but you win hands-down: the economy here and the playfulness with which you handle this concept is super!

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