The Conqueror’s Chronicle (Hour 10)

He finally said let’s have a baby girl.
I was unsure but willing.
As my belly grew, I placed my hands there to feel your kicks.
Our unspoken bond.
I knew you were a girl before the ultrasound.
I prayed often for God the creator of All to cover you.
Your original due date would have made you a Virgo so I selfishly asked if you could be a Libra like me.
The day of your arrival was unlike any other.
It was October 1,2006 and the pain was excruciating. I knew it was time for you to make your grand entrance.
Later that evening, our birthing story became a nightmare.
I dare not share the details because I don’t remember holding you.
My eyes were drowned in tears.

2 thoughts on “The Conqueror’s Chronicle (Hour 10)

    1. Thank you, this piece is dedicated to my daughter she is now 15 years old. My birthing experience was traumatic but I am thankful I left the hospital with her in my arms.

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