I don’t go to school reunions.

I prefer one on one encounters
to large gathering of classmates

mirroring the society of high school
which I could do without.

After the latest school shooting,
I have been thinking of classmates

I haven’t seen in over 50 years
and realizing how little

I knew about their lives
during the long years

of our shared desks
lined up in rows

front to back and
side to side

with some extraordinary
teachers that unknowingly

pointed the way for me
during that time of my coming of age.

This need to reach out to
strangers who appear familiar

and who I remember
few stories of that time

is perplexing and
will pass with time.

How do I piece together
how I got to where I am now?

I don’t go to school reunions

4 thoughts on “Reunions

  1. Me, either! I’ve never had much interest in it. I think it’s because of this: “How do I piece together/how I got to where I am now?” You seem to express a sense of the surreal looking back on that age which is even further in the past psychologically than in time. I completely get that. Good job!

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