An Amateur Poet

An amateur Poet

Doesn’t write a poem

Only the heart is written

The pages are filled

Words are trashed

Pens are changed

Places explored .


An amateur Poet

Writes what she sees

She remembers her past

Brings back all the memories

And stores them

Between the lines of those pages.


An amateur Poet

Don’t know the styles

No prose, No haiku

She writes in a tune

Remain in her world.


An amateur Poet’s poem

is untouched

She doesn’t know

About the edits

About the drafts

She bares it all.


An amateur Poet

is innocent!


2 thoughts on “An Amateur Poet

  1. Nice words, well written. Yes, amateur poet doesn’t edit, but we want to reach out to our readers who remember the essence. A few edits needed, if I may suggest.
    Remains in her world
    Doesn’t know the styles

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