The wedding vow

You accept me for being me, the greatest gift, only you can give.

i can be myself, with no other pretense and you never complain.

when I feel like crying or don’t laugh at your joke and when I am upset, you give me some space.

sometimes, when I am  tired and no energy to make love, you held me tight to sleep, all through out the night.

i want to spend the rest of my life with you because, you’re the best friend, I’m proud to have.

as time goes by, we became stronger and richer, wiser and closer, when there’s a rocky road to cross a mile.

we share our dreams, our losses and our fears and together, we stand victor.

we find comfort with each other, sharing family events, funny or touching, interesting or not, we still get along well.

together we stand stronger, we survived our ups and down, in all kinds  of weather we face.

our triumphs and losses are easy to bear because, you’re always there.

we smile and shrug our shoulders with our imperfections and faults because, we’re just human being.

we tried to be sensitive to each other’s need and do my best of what you expect of me,

but, you’ll always tell me, “I don’t mind” and “it’s ok”. You’re so thoughtful and you expect much less.

i love your being funny and candid, it brighten up my day and you  never even forget to buy me roses.

remember when I was sick,, you felt my pain and cry with me.

you even cheer me up, by encouraging me to do karaoke with you. I didn’t know, that music is good therapy, though.

and, we sung together, even I’m out of tune..

maybe because, I’m sick and can’t carry myself well, but your trust, made the difference.

you know what, I feel so relax and comfortable when I’m with you like.. a good old shirt you wear in bed.

thank you for all the love.. Honey boo boo.

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