Hour 24-Done

We have come to an end

At long last

Eyes droop

Body sighs

Another year’s event

All tidied up into 24 musings

Sleep deprived

We face our computers

Giving it one last hurrah

The hour is late

The day was long done

Tomorrow is today

I am complete

I am shaken from sanity

The work is tucked away

Done Finished The End

3 thoughts on “Hour 24-Done

  1. I’m so glad I wasn’t the only one writing about how taxing the marathon had been, really at hour 24 my brain just wanted to just wanted to shut down.

    I like the form of this piece, the sound patterns as a spoken piece are really pleasing. Especially that last line “Done Finished The End” the conceptual repetition is a powerful finisher for the poem and of course the marathon as a whole

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