Reflections of Nature- Poem #2 for Half Marathon by Ingrid Exner

Reflections Of Nature (Acrostic) – Poem #2 By Ingrid Exner for Poetry Half Marathon


Rippling clouds fill the sky,

Enchanting those that wander by.

Flying geese found overhead.

Looking for a place to be fed.

Each one flying as part of the team.

Continuous movement-one giant stream.

Together they move in a V formation.

Individual desires teamed with dedication.

One leader to carry the weight of them all.

Never allowing one single to fall.

Spring migrations signals their flight.


Of the honking goose gaggle

Flying overhead through the night.


Nature can teach us a thing or two,

All about LIFE…me, and YOU.

The lessons…reflections of how we can be,

United in Nature just as we see

Reflected in Nature- seen by all.

Each person to witness and hear this call.


Reflections Of Nature- Acrostic Poem by Ingrid Exner, August 23rd 2014.



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