Prompt #5 And Poem #5 ” Golden Hour” by Ingrid Exner

Looking out across the

forest of green

I feel bathed in



A peaceful mist

moves gently

through this valley

shedding Etheral



Tree tops glow

in this majesty

of Morning.


I stand amazed

and  baptized

in this Golden Hour.


Poem 5 by Ingrid Exner, Poetry Half Marathon 2020

8 thoughts on “Prompt #5 And Poem #5 ” Golden Hour” by Ingrid Exner

  1. Thank you Jana! This is one of my personal favourites too. I loved the picture prompt and it gave me such a serene feeling. I’m glad the imagery worked and that you like it. Thank you! 🙂

  2. Thanks Stef! I may actually submit this one…it soothes me and I am glad you feel it too! CAn I ask your opinion…In the third stanza (beginning)…Instead of tree tops glow…instead, I was thinking of writing “Tree tops crowned gold”…what do you think?

  3. Thanks Siobhan! I like the imagery here too and it just sort of flowed when I saw the prompt. Thank you for all of your very kind comments. I am still trying to determine which 2 poems to submit…any ideas? Thanks 🙂

  4. Oh, I wish I would have read this before I submitted!! This is one of my personal favourites. But alas, I submitted The Season of the Birds and Recipe Jumping For Joy due to its brevity. The anthology may be very large so, I thought I might have better chance with something small. Howver, saying that, I am copying all my poems from the last 3 half marathons and creating my own publication (of my poetry.)

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