Nanny’s Special Tunafish Salad

Nanny’s Special Tunafish  Salad

My Nanny’s tunafish salad.

Family occasio.meal.

All the females in the kitchen chatting together.

Nanny standing st the sink running water

over the oil packed tuna.


No water packed in those days.


Peeling perfectly boiled eggs

with shells that never stuck to the white part.


Chopping with a real knife…big kid status.

//chopping crunchy fresh celery bought from the neighbor next door.

Red delicious apples.

Checked for worm holes before chopping, of course,

Occasionally they were still wiggling.



Fresh pecans gathered from the backyard.

Cracking those pecans while watching some black and

white family show on tv.

DelMonte sweet pickle relish about half a cup.

And just the right amount of Kraft mayonnaise.


This delicacy was served on fresh homegrown tomatoes with a side of homemade bread for those who wanted it.

A time of family bonding.



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