PROMPT #24 Delicate Brutality.

Delicate Brutality
You breathe purpose into this broken heart. 
Your love is healing 
it is in my blood. 
I can feel you in the air tonight. 
You shook me up 
woke me up 
my restless heart beats only for you. 

Save me from this restlessness. 
Help me from this hopeless desire. 
Every breath you take 
is love breathing air into my lungs. 

Your love is infectious 
like a viral coming over, 
I feel it with an aching desire 
to get to know you more.

You planted roses 
and now I am breathing just fine. 
I become one with the thorns, 
I ignite in your passion.
I am love, I am delicate brutality.

-Janice Raquela Mendonca

img Alisa Olaivar

4 thoughts on “PROMPT #24 Delicate Brutality.

  1. First, to show that you are using someone else’s lyrics (from the song), you might want to write the song lyrics so they differ from your own words.

    Your last line punches: “I am delicate brutality”
    reveals the pain and pleasure of love, doesn’t it?

    These lines: “Love is all around // I feel it in my recess // I feel it in my bones” are not as strong as the rest of your poem. It feels less sincere, less heartfelt.

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