The Terrible Ghost

I’m being haunted by a terrible ghost

It keeps me awake knocking on my bedpost

I’ve tried to be a patient host

I’ve even tried raising a midnight toast

But the phantom returns every night to boast


This terrible ghost is always there

Making sure my flaws are laid bare

It fixes me with a judgemental glare

I wish its ghastly sheet would tear

Because it has given me an awful scare


That terrible ghost drags across the floor

Making sure that I don’t have to snore

I’ve never been so afraid before

Keeping it company has become quite a chore

I just don’t think I can take it anymore


You terrible ghost it is time to pack your bag

Tear your sheet and make a white flag

Your haunting days have hit a snag

Get moving you ghoul no time to drag

And don’t expect anything from me in your mailbag


Goodbye terrible ghost, again I say adieu

Running you off has been a breakthrough

You aren’t around to let my failures accrue

Even at your worst I found a way to push through

I feel so alive, fresh and brand new








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