Meteors at Night

There’s something so fascinating
Watching the meteors at night
Shooting  ‘cross at lightning speed
A streak of the whitest light
I could lay on my back for hours
And watch the meteors streak past
The aura in this cosmic super show
Brings memories made to last
For many years, I lay on my back
Along the riverbed
And watched them streak across the black
Directly o’er my head
Each mid-August night, I stretched out mesmerized
By something close, but far away
If I’d the chance to do so again
I’d do so any day

For there’s still something iconic
About this great light show
That brings to mind how small our planet is
And how little we still know
About the universe in whole
How blurred the lines remain
Sometimes, we see only the earth
When there’s much we can’t explain

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