(Two 17 year old girls)

Tiffany is a honor roll student with her whole life in front of her. She is the captain of the cheerleading team and president of the student body government. She was last seen with Charlie, a  juvenile delinquent with a record of prior robberies. Both girls were last seen driving away from Tiffany’s house on their way to a movie.


(Two 17 year old girls) 

I am Tiffany, a 17 year old lesbian honor roll student. Captain of the cheerleading squad to their disgust, bullied by my peers, I am president of a student body government composed of closed minded men who believe “God Hates Fags,” I am leaving, parents threaten me with gay therapy daily, I cannot go back there, searching, I found Charlie, she’s perfect, misunderstood by her parents and the law, stealing as a means of survival, staying true to our characters has been hard, our integrity already determined by adults around us.

We are leaving. Goodbye.

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