Hour 9 pm- Concrete Jungle meets Bohemian Rhapsody

Hour 9 pm- Concrete Jungle meets Bohemian Rhapsody

I have a lemon tree on my balcony.

Succulents and Buddha reside next to a frog with marbles on his back made a local artist without strife.

Visited twice in the spring, by a bird that chirps for a full eight hours trying to lure a wife.

Orchids bloom and fade throughout the year renewing their life, one small and yellow another purple and white.

Air plants native to the everglades sit in a defunct lighthouse without working Christmas lights.

Close by, succulents transplanted last summer,suck up the sun and the rain without any fights.

Much later, turtle lights flicker in the night.

Two chairs are out of sight.

Two more face a glass table that we barely use, holding books, CD’S, glass, and basket weave…all treasures that we forget to see.

Don’t forget the plant that goes by the name “Wonder of the World”, siempre viva, grown from just a single leaf.

Shells that come straight from the sea and washed up coral sit nearby resembling a hemisphere of the brain.

And as you look down below you will see that the pavement is tempered by heat and strain.

All of these add up to my very own Concrete Jungle meets Bohemian Rhapsody…


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