I yearn for a life that living cannot bring,
quiet corridors with passages I can hide in,
escaping men that claw my pant legs begging for attention,
demanding validation for their actions,
a validation I would not give,

“Do you have a boyfriend?”
“Do you want one?”
“No, I don’t,”
“Why not?”

Pawing at me,
persistence isn’t sexy to me,
an invalidation of feelings I already verbalized,
leave me alone,

“You’re in the friend zone”
“What’s the friend zone?”
“A place where she won’t sleep with you, only be your friend.”
“How do you get out of that?”
“Get her to sleep with you.”

I sleep with you,
quiet, next to me you purr,
that doesn’t last long,
you want more,
a relationship perhaps,

“How’s the relationship life man?”
“It is going well”
“Yeah, lot’s of sex?”
“Of course, why else would I be with her this long?”
“Congratulations man.”

Unheard degradation shared with your friends,
travels through our networks, they reach my ear,
I feel a wince of regret,
somehow I thought you were different,
I yearn for a life the living cannot bring.

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