All this time

Her eyes follow him

as he shifts position,

reacting as he reacts to her.

Eyes that jump with joy to meet

and always have

for so many years.


She waits til he settles

before she whispers

“It wasn’t too bad, was it Sam?”

“Well, the first twenty five years

were touch and go,but

the next twenty five made up for it.”


She coughs a weak laugh

he touches her hand.

The merest touch

but it’s enough

for powerful emotion

on a well run course.


She smiles softly

then closes her eyes.

He’ll never make her laugh again.

He feels her hand cool

as she drifts away from him

after all this time.

One thought on “All this time

  1. I was going to write /say that this was lovely and sentimental but, then it took a turn…what a red herring. I did not see it coming. Powerful poem! I love these lines…
    “The merest touch/but it’s enough/for powerful emotion/
    on a well run course.” It sets things up for quite the surprise… Great use of imagery!

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