2022 Poetry Marathon, Hour 9

Hour nine poem, based on the prompt:


Whatever happened to Tang?
Do they still make Tang?

it was what the astronauts drank

I believed it at the time
and wondered if they felt cheated
because they didn’t have grape Tang yet
when they went to the moon

I used to mix the orange and grape
all that sugary goodness
straight out of the jar
like a gobful of Flintstones vitamins
on steroids

(if I had known what steroids were at the time, that is)

But once Shasta came along
and Mr. Pibb
Tang fell by the wayside

Sugar and carbonation?
Yes, please!

Besides, Buzz Aldrin later said
that ‘Tang sucks

That’s good enough for me


14:12, 25 June 2022

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