Maggie’s faithfully repugnant groundhog

visits every day. He knows

she can’t come out to play.

He’d best be glad;

he makes her frightfully mad!

Maggie sits at the window on serious duty,

Just waiting for him to come for his booty.

Sometimes she sees him,

Sometimes she smells him,

Either way, she gets irate,

Shaking and growling.

Nearly a convulsive state.

It is a useless warning that he ignores.

Unless someone opens doors.

Merely the sound of squeaking hinges

Gives that whistle pig the cringes.

Shrieking his complaint,

Chuck runs in a rage

Hoping Maggie can’t escape her cage.

A stalwart sentinel, she warns him off.

Alas, my good girl, you really tried.

Perhaps a hug from Mom will suffice.

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