2022 prompt/hour 9: “strawberries”

2022 prompt/hour 9: “strawberries”


Spilling from the car

Shaking off the tiredness from the trip

Shaking off almost as much sand from the beach visit to Kings’

We are here!

The strawberry farm – a local institution

Any trip to the farm needs:

1 – a drive to the beach – with a swim for the hardier souls for its *winter* after all!

2 – Strawberry picking with the family on the way home from the beach

Grabbing pails

Turning I wave at mum

She waves back

She is used to me

Same rows

Same part of the farm

Same strategy

Most won’t go so far

Most don’t have the time

Better to go the extra rows

Better pickings -literally

Excellent haul – 2 pails

Excellent quality – snuck 2 to check

Looking up to mum I beg for ice cream with strawberries for dinner

Looking up at mum dad suggests thickened cream as well

Looking at my brother he shrugs and says both is good

Looking at all of us mum sighs and says – ok, roast tomorrow

And there was much rejoicing


Merry – LordCricket 2022 poetry marathon

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