Within the spate of the day
The stony hearted falcons
Train to trace their prey

They add to and multiply with haste
The looks and demeanor of the day
That they spread their wings in darkness—–

Never do they stretch their necks backward
To see and suck the thick milk flowing and packed
For they never mind
They never casted their eyes on the brighter shadows
Let alone the fallen words

For they say;

”The best are our doings
Even if it’s a coup’ lets group
We swim in the sea of boredom
Yet we won’t droop
Take away your law
Lest we break your jaw”

They pamper blasphemy
Strap it to their backs
To sip on the journey of thirst!
Forced to stressing on your past flaws
So you fall
Yes! So you fall to put up their wings

All these I saw
Just when the bell rang in my ears
That seeing them I am vigillant!
”They are the Wild Falcons”


(C)All Copyrights Reserved-2015