We walk and she yawns expectantly.

Her sweet eyes, and smile whisper, “Time to go home.”

Guiding me back, her red and white hair shimmers with each step.

Swirling wind encircles us like a dust devil moving past.


She sighs softly, her eyes reflecting relief.

Leaning against me as the concrete passes under out feet.

Her legs give a little, and I hold her steady.

She feels safe by my side.


Beyond her prime she walks with grace few have.

Gone now are those days, when running filled her heart with joy.

Yet often I will catch a glimpse of the lady she used to be

We walk onward, the house in sight.


Basking in its summer glow kittens play in the yard.

The soft green blades of grass soften each step as her legs move slowly forward.

She looks down and smiles. Happy to see a friendly face.

And with one lick she’s made a friend for life.

She is regal and loyal

loving and true.

Best friend,  confidant and a sweetheart, she is family.


Her name is Mystie.

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