What the heck are you doing here!?

Greetings Earthlings

Okay so I am an earthling.

My names Dan.  Nice to meet all of you. I am from Texas but by no means conservative nor republican.

I used to call myself Daniel from Chicago, because that’s my mother’s home town, and still do from time to time.

I enjoy writing but am very gun shy about it.  When I was younger I had poems stolen from me on two separate occasions.  So showing off work is a very difficult process.

However, I am attempting to change that in many ways. I recently applied for a competition to be part of the Disney/ABC writing program. I may or may not get in but that doesn’t really matter.

I have allowed my shyness and mistrust to confine my creativity into a microscopic space. And now I am exploding, the epicenter of my own personal super nova.

I don’t know if my work will be enjoyed. I don’t know how far I must go until that day when I can cash that first check from my creative writing talents.

All I do know is that if I don’t try I’ll live with a regret that’s closer to death than the black plague.   I’ll be haunted, marked, to wander aimlessly from now till eternity.

I’d rather die trying then doing nothing at all.

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