Selfish Love

Love is blind

Love conceals the inner feelings

The childish

The selfish

Need for all to be about ego

Instead trust in spirit

To light the way

Bring forth the messages

And the lessons to be taught

Love unselfishly

Is not all about oneself

What is the material gain?

But more what is the emotional bond?

The sharing, the joining of two separate spirits

Alas this is not so in some cases

There is duplicity surrounding the union

Unclear messages, confusion

Selfish intention awaiting manifestation

Hurt, pain and manipulation

Selling oneself short

Shutting out the world to hide the shame

To become invisible, no voice, no presence

No nothing darkness and heaviness

Instead of light and lightness of spirit

A battle of wills,

Who will be the victor?

No one because the love will die

And without love you have nothing

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