Serenade of the Lorikeets

In the early morning

Before the dawn

The stillness surrounds until

The sun slowly rises over the hill


Then the shrill noise

Heralding the beginning

of a new day


One lonely Lorikeet

Flies directly to the bird feeder

In haste and heightened expectation


Then the Serenade begins!

The call to arms

Slowly one by one they appear

Then suddenly the patio and surrounding garden

Is amass of the colours

Green, Blue and Red


Masses and masses of

Lorikeets have arrived

And with it a loud crescendo of noise


The trees are loaded with

The birds, branches bending from

The lorikeet circus act being performed!

The squabbles and arguments

Being held by some

Quickly dissipated by the status quo

The first lieutenants taking charge

Of their subordinates


Then suddenly as they arrived

They are once again on the move

As the bird feeder has run dry


For as long as the bird feeder is a bounty

The Serenade of the Lorikeets will ensue

Tomorrow and even the next day after that.


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