Paying job

Work done at home is now what you are paid for,

Not what is done at the office or the sales floor,

So when you are sitting on facebook, or watching oprah,

you will be docked what the employer owes ya.


While you are cleaning, and the hours you cook,

will pay well, but not while you are reading that book.

You will be paid for folding clothes and sorting socks,

but not while the grand old rocking chair rocks.


Your job on the other hand,  whether filing or digging,

crunching the numbers or oil well rigging,

will only be for the doing and not for the pay…

and you will only be there a few hours a day.


If housework paid money,  playing with your kids double time,

would that change your priorities? It would change mine…

but that makes me sad when I think I would do more

If a paycheck for it wo

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