My friend Angela

The prompt for hour eleven is to write a poem about someone, but to break the poem up into ten short numbered parts. Not all the parts have to be explicitly about the person, some can describe there dress and behavior, others can make more obscure references to their style of speech. The details are entirely up to you.

  1.  My friend from youth we rode and hiked and laughed and cried together  Wrote our teen age sappy poems.  Thought we would change the world

2.  Tall and lanky, strong like her ancestors.

Braver than anyone I ever knew.

3.  Few of spoken word,  secrets no one could know… writer of the secrets of the earth.

4.  Jeans,  Boy shirts, boots and tees.  Gypsy skirts, fringes and her red brown feathers.

5.  Legs longer than I was tall.  I tagged along every time she called.  Double stepped to keep up.. always looked up… to her and at her.  My friend who stood and was tall.

6.  Army Sargent.  I didn’t know that life.  She became army,  I became a wife.

7.   Poetry kept us through early years,  after the army,  it brought us together again.

We now center our visits around one workshop or the other.  Still trying to write it all.

8.  The years have been kind.  She is beautifully young.

Even her grey hair with liveliness is s spun.

Her eyes twinkle the fire of what she has and has not seen.

Her land is the world and she is the queen.

9.   Her hands shake as she cares for her mom.

Where did the mental illness come from?

Her companion is fear,  every day could be worse.

She does not crumble even under this curse.

10.  My friend Angela,  traveler, guide and hero

Strong beyond words.  Strong with words.

Write for me Angela,  tip each quill in your heart,

For in you is pureness… of which we all need a part.

Take each quill and hold it til it speaks secret things,

and write your words Angela until the the word sings.



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