Waiting (HOUR 1)

Wanting, needing, hoping to find a love that’s so pure and oh so true.

I look up, down, side to side I look everywhere for that  bond that is strong as glue.

I walk the paths of lonesome souls head held high.

Maybe today I think to myself she will step out from the shaded area that lines the path.

With hope in my heart I walk searching for the first  time  my breath gets lost and the emptiness inside gets washed away like dirt in a warm soothing bath.

Finally the path has ended and as I step out from the tree lined misery, I look up and there it was your smiling face I have found love so pure so true the wait is over.

From the way we hold hands to the soft gentle kisses there is no more searching.

We found each other ironically at the end of the path of lonesome souls and our love has flourished  no more will I be longing, and feeling empty, for love has arrived  there will be no more waiting.


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