Hour One

Your first prompt is to write a poem set entirely underwater.**


Poseidon’s eyes, as sunken as the sea,
turn to me. Tridents line the underwater
corridor, leading to our palace. I smell the
stench of oil slickers from above, yachts and
cruise ships dumping thousands of pounds
of sewage into our home.

In his eyes, rage brews—hurricane iris. I
try to calm him, but typhoons are already
brewing in his heart. Creatures from the
deep are drawn up as energy is pulled into
the center. Before the sun sets, a mighty bellow
emerges, rippling tidal waves into the horizon.

No one can control the temper of a God—although
those land-walkers have sought such power for
millennia. So long as we breathe this oceanic air
will we command disasters to flow forth from
our domain. This is the nature of Poseidon and
Amphitrite—Aquatic Royalty.

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