Hour 8: Tracking Shadows

( from music prompt at YT: Max Richter “On the Nature of Daylight” https://youtu.be/rVN1B-tUpgs?si=xsBUL8uLRS2Yi8gR )



I watch the way light flows

-over flagstones

-over walls

-over water

Catches my attention at odd times

And when it does

I sit, remembering.

And think, and recall.

And sit, and wait, and wait, and wait.

And I breathe and remind myself that I am.


I am this, this – this here, now.

Here and now. And I am still.

I remain, and recall, and waiting for the moment the memories wash out again

-and I can breathe-

Breathe deep and true.

I am here. As this. As me.

Others are here, yet still – but not in shapes I knew and held and loved

There is a sorrow in that, regret, grief but also joy and love in memory

Breathing – I am. I know I am.

Finding ways, I muddle onward, muddle upward.

Light tracks

-over flagstones

-over walls

-over water

Catching my attention

And I repeat this refrain of loss and love

It is as the seasons

It is as the tides








Again –

I watch the shadows track through the day and think

This action,

This time

This process

-is me

-and us

-and is all of us

Breathe in

Breathe out

Find a way forward

-each way

-each day

I watch the way light flows


2 thoughts on “Hour 8: Tracking Shadows

  1. This has some beautiful imagery and I love the concept/concepts of the poem. At times, it seems to change direction and get lost a bit. Tightening the poem up a bit would add to the overall impact as the message is beautiful! As it seems it is mostly water/wave referenced, I would get rid of the light part. I love the wave metaphor of love, loss, grief and growth…when you talk of light and breath, it sometimes gets muddled a bit. Good mingling of shape poem.

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