Born to urban parents
decidedly not
of, with nature
living in a duplex

growing up
I ran safe, middle class
streets with abandon
and other kids

played ball in the park
took bike treks
went bowling


By the time I
was six
in summer I was
shipped off to The Lake

retirement oasis for
family friends
my pseudo grandparents

I was enraptured
with all
the woods, the water
had to offer

walking dirt roads
hiking through
primeval forest
playing with frogs

summers were always
much too short


Growing up
moving away from

I worked in small towns
my parents
when visiting
found quaint, peculiar

as they did my
affection and affinity
for these locales


I eventually returned
to the city life
married a girl from
the country

who preferred leaving
the past in the past

my affinity to
woods, water
assuaged by occasional
camping trips

temporary, junkie fix
of pine, birch, dirt


My time
in the woods now

my family not
attuned as I am
to anything not urban

chameleon like
I can
do flannel shirts
as easily as
Oxford and tie

in need of solitude
I guess I just need
to go it alone

old school it
tent, sleeping bag
firewood, frying pan

can of Spam
block of cheese


For now all I can do
is remember

sitting here
chair at desk
open windows

amidst cacophony of
city sounds

my denouement
is to type a
love poem to

the woods
The Lake

expressing my youthful
older man gratitude



– Mark L. Lucker
© 2019

6 thoughts on “Me

  1. Mark L. Lucker,
    I love this stream of consciousness in free verse, and was able to visualize a walk with you. A life of freedom to meander and explore your environment and see the controversies it imposes upon us and just keep walking is the best school we can attend. Loved your journey!
    Seventh Solstise

  2. This has an exquisite flow to it and feels so authentic. I LOVE “junkie fix / of pine, birch, dirt” and the details in part V are fantastic (the spam, block of cheese, flannel shirts/Oxford and tie).

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