Mist of Darkness

The darkness that capture my body was in the mist.

Of  darkness.

That surrounded my soul with know words my soul could.



Their was know words that could capture what my.

Body was going through.

The tear’s that was coming down my face their was know.

One their to wipe the tear’s away.


The darkness just keep capture my body with the darkest.

That the day could bring even the sun was shining.

My soul couldn’t feel or see the sun shine all ‘I could feel.

Was the pain my body was into.


The darkness of hell was surrounded by the flame’s of hell.

That surrounded ny body sun shine that would warm my soul.

My soul will always be afraid what the flame of hell whisper into.

My soul.


My soul will never be at peace anymore my soul will never forget.

The whisper’s of darkness said to my soul.

Hell of fire will always be in my soul.

My soul will never see the beauty of anything anymore.





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