Prompt for Hour Four

This prompt is a little different. Read the first step, follow it, then read the second step follow it, and then read the third step.

Step 1
Write a ten line narrative poem. (A narrative poem is a poem that tells a story.) It should tell a complete, or mostly complete story.

Step 2
Add ten more lines to that poem. You can add them at any point, they can be interspersed throughout, or together in one section. However they cannot all be at the end of the poem.

Step 3
Remove eight lines from the poem. These lines can be taken from any point in the poem.

10 thoughts on “Prompt for Hour Four

  1. Step 3 was most difficult. I tend to be sparse with my words anyway. Eliminating them interrupted the narrative. That’s why I published all 3 steps so you could see what might have been. I was pleased with Step 2; yet in some places, it was better in Step 3.

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