Paralyzed of the Flame

Darkness capture my soul their was no place to go their was just.

Darkness that had my body.

Flame on my body was so strong it was in  my soul the flame.

Capture my soul ‘I couldn’t move ;I was paralyzed from the flame.


That covered my body with the worst pain my soul could feel.

Anything .’I went numb ‘It was just capture by the darkness.

The flame capture my body ‘I couldn’t fight to get away ‘I just.

Had to let the darkness over come my body.


I couldn’t get away from the flame that was surrounded  my body.

That over powered my soul.

The flame of hell had capture my body ‘I couldn’t get away ‘I had.

To let the darkness wanted  to do.


My soul scream their wasn’t know one their.

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