#11- Flowering Hope

The shrubs were planted row by row

Each one ready to flower

Day by day the garden grew,

Looking greener than ever.

And finally the fated day had come

Each shrub was blooming flowers

All except a little shrub

Thorns littering all around it

The little boy was upset at first,

But then he made a decision

‘Let all the flowers grow up first,

this little plant is special’

And every day he pottered there

to sing to his special flower.

While the other children laughed at him,

mocking his sweet belief.

No one but the boy had noticed

how much his plant had grown

losing all its ugly thorns

and a bud was finally showing.

All the other flowers were plucked

and decorated the village girls’ hair

but his little flower bloomed and bloomed

not seeming to cease or care.

The villagers seemed shocked at first

to see such a pretty flower

but then they clapped and cheered for the boy

who stood there all flustered.

None in that village knew

that it was just a weed

never meant to flower

but the little boy never gave up hope

and that’s all we ever need.


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